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Massage 517 & Yoga COVID-19 Protocol and Practices

Since reopening after the shut down in March 2020, I have been following all of the Ohio State Medical Board requirements and some of my own to keep my clients and myself safe from COVID-19.  These are to include the following:

* Wearing a face mask for all massages.

* Wearing an apron for all massages.

* Taking client temperature upon entry.

* Washing hands before and after all massages.

* Utilizing a plastic table cloth as a barrier between the table warmer and the sheets for post massage clean up.

* Utilizing a towel on the floor for clients' protection before and after getting on the table.

* Utilizing separate massage cream containers for each client.

* Discontinued face massage (unless client condition warrants).

* Utilizing a Shinto screen in front of the massage room door in lieu of closing the door for more air flow.

* Disposable paper towels are made available in the bathroom for hand drying and opening the door.

* Napkins and hand sanitizer are made available in the massage room.

* Client appointments are staggered, keeping an hour or more in between to allow for the massage room to air out.

* Massage linens are washed with bleach and hot water, including my aprons and the floor towels.

* Blankets are changed after each massage.

* Clients are required to complete a COVID-19 Informed Consent Form before their massage.

If you have any questions about my COVID-19 massage protocol, please feel free to contact me via my website contact form.

Stay safe and well.


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