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"Lisa has the best hands in Cleveland" ~ Ken Shaw; Chagrin Falls, OH


"As a lymphoma surviving diabetic, I highly recommend Lisa Ackim.  Her knowledge of the human body coupled with her calm, mature presence is healing at its finest.  I am on a regular schedule with her as part of my self-care to keep my lymph moving and my stress in check.  I recently gave my mother the gift of massage and the day after her session with Lisa, she awoke with no arthritis pain or stiffness.  She is now visiting Lisa on a regular basis as well.  Thank you Lisa for providing such wonderful care.  You set the standard!" ~ Jen Warden of VegiCouture LifeStyle; Bay Village, OH


"Had a great 1.25 hour Thai stretch, different than deep tissue massage, everyone should do this at least once a year.  This gets out the 'evil' resting in joints, deep tissue massage addresses more the muscles, also good.  Lisa works very hard for her money!!" ~ Frank Raspey; Cleveland, OH


"I loved experiencing a Thai Massage.  To me it was so much more than a regular massage because of all the stretching.  I thought that the benefits lasted a little longer than with traditional massage.  Also, Lisa has a very gentle, peaceful presence which is crucial to a good experience." ~ Lydia Gadd; Cleveland, OH


"I felt fantastic after Lisa administered her Thai Yoga Massage!  My range of motion was better than it had been in decades!" ~ Jeff Harkleroad; Lakewood, OH


"Three words describe Lisa and her therapy; petite but mighty.  It's not about physical pressure on trauma points and blocks.  Lisa incorporates Eastern medicine techniques that relax, cleanse, and energize both physically and emotionally.  She senses areas that need the most attention and frees them up.  Back to the size thing, I'm a foot taller, three times Lisa's weight, many decades older than Lisa, and pretty beat up (arthritic) from my younger days. I come out of a session feeling like I'm 17 again." ~ Tony Weishar; Willoughby, OH


"I came in with both knees aching, and she moved me around in some really great moves.  I felt she did some Reiki on them, and when I walked out of her office, I felt great!.  Yes, I'll be back! ~ Patty Ulewicz; Westlake, OH


"Lisa is not only extremely professional with her profession, but great as well with what she does.  So many times I went to Lisa with some sort of sore joint or just stress on the body that she was able to take care of.  Very personable, intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine.  I've recommended family and friends to her and they've all felt the same.  She does wonders to help relax the body and mind." ~ Derek Hatfield; Cleveland, OH


"I had a Thai Massage with Lisa and I really enjoyed it.  I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after." ~ Dawn Estrate; Cleveland, OH


"Recently I purchased a 30 minute massage session from Lisa for my wife.  This made everyone happy.  My wife felt great and I was a hero for the next week as she kept telling all her friends about the positive experience.  I am already planning her next session. ~ Damien Brown; Louisville, KY


"I limped into Lisa's studio and walked out head held high.  At the start I was in too much pain to function; played a tennis match that night.  It was beyond my expectations.  Lisa incorporates Eastern medicine techniques that relax, cleanse, and energize both physically and emotionally.  She senses areas that need the most attention and frees them up.  I still don't know how she released all the pain in my back.  Thai Massage does wonders with Lisa's hands as tools." ~ Jim Wajciechowski; Cleveland, OH


"I made it to the start line and then to the finish line.  In the swim I felt pretty relaxed even though the water was a bit rough because a good portion of the course was into the wind.  I felt strong on the bike, and no problems on the run, I kept that under control.  Lisa's therapy on the Friday before the race I think made a real difference and was key to my success on Sunday.  A few more races like this and I will be able to compete in my age group again." ~ John Menzies; Bay Village, OH


"Went to Studio 11 in Tremont today and had a Thai Massage by Lisa.  A very interesting and comfortable experience.  Lisa let me know what to expect, when to communicate to her whether a stretch was too painful or not, and helped me with my breathing to make it a better experience; and pretty much kicked my 'arse'.  She was gentle but with a firm touch.  Excellent experience for my first time massage.  I know I will be sore tomorrow, but it feels SO good!" ~ Michael Kelley; Cleveland, OH


 "Lisa is excellent!  We have been going for Thai Massages with Lisa for several years, after she was recommended to us by a family member.  We have in turn recommended her to friends, giving them gift certificates so they can experience her therapeutic touch.  We especially like how she personalizes each session, asking what areas ache and need attention.  She is small but mighty, very professional, experienced and knowledgeable.  She also keeps current and expands her abilities through continuing education.  Sweet and gentle, Lisa puts her whole body into your massage, working muscles to their maximum stretch.  You feel taller and healthier when you walk out the door!" ~ Sue & Richard Rice; Cleveland, OH


"In an effort to diminish pain from herniated disks I've had many massages over the years, including traveling to Thailand for one.  As a Nurse Practitioner I appreciate Lisa's skills and knowledge.  Also, she takes the time to listen to my concerns and needs and gives of herself fully during our sessions."  ~ Pat Moran, RN, MSN, CNP; Cleveland, OH


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